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Our Story


Outdate Rx was founded in 2014 with the intent to revolutionize the way reverse distribution worked.  Our founders had extensive experience in logistics and reverse distribution and saw the limitations that frustrated pharmacies and hospitals across the country.  With that knowledge, they went to work solving the problems of the batch return method that plague every other reverse distributor.

Outdate Rx is the nation’s only reverse distributor to utilize the Isoturns return method.  Under our unique system, each and every medication you return will be processed, returned and credited individually.  This ensures that your return credits are exactly what the manufacturer pays on your returned products.  Because your returns are never mixed with those of other pharmacies, we are able to show you the credit memos that are received from each manufacturer for your medications to prove accuracy.  This unique process enables us to have more accurate reports, to decrease the time from when you send us your returns to when you receive payment and to ensure that you always get exactly the credit you are entitled.

Outdate Rx is headquartered in Redlands, California.With service representatives across the country, Outdate Rx offers both on-site and mail-in service nationwide.We have a subsidiary, Recall Returns, that provides processing and packing service for all recalled products, pharmaceutical, medical, and otherwise.We also have partnerships with a variety of vendors that allow our customers to use their return credits to purchase a wide array of goods and services.

Outdate Rx has been rapidly growing since its founding and now boasts agreements with many large groups and IDN’s across the nation.  Our understanding of what pharmacies need along with our unique processes and our commitment to excellent service have separated us from other reverse distributors.  Outdate Rx is committed to being the company you can turn to for all of your reverse distribution needs.