A few words about us

page2_img1We at Outdate Rx have a little different view on Returns...

The biggest questions facing pharmacies once they lose visibility of their meds is how do you know those boxes that left your pharmacy got there intact and how do you know you got the credits you deserved.  At Outdate Rx these questions are solved with our unique systems and approach to returns, saving you time and money.  Contact us today to see how Outdate Rx can help your pharmacy.

We have years of experience in logisitics, distribution, pharmacy and reverse distribution.  This expertise has enabled us to succeed where the other guys fall short.  With our full service option, you receive an on-site electronic inventory which is then reconciled against what is actually received in our warehouse.  We worry so you don't have to.

We believe our services are the best in the industry.  Our customers benefit from our personal approach and in depth knowledge of the industry.  Partner with us today!

Our capabilities

On-site vs Mail in service

The first step in the system is getting your expired, damaged, recalled or unwanted medications to Outdate Rx.  We can send a representative to pack them for you, provide both printed and electronic inventories or we can provide you with labels to send them in to us.  All mail in customers receive an electronic inventory as soon as the medications are processed.


Our reports are the best in the industry. Our systems reconcile data, help you make sure you are receiving your credits and are powerful tools for analyzing spend.  At least once a year we offer a formal review where we discuss how your pharmacy can save money.  Our reporting system drives these powerful reports.


We have years of experience in logistics, pharmacy and reverse distribution.  We love to share what we know and help you find new ways to save money.  From re-evaluating which manufacturers to purchase from to streamlining layouts, Outdate Rx has the know how to help you succeed.

You control your meds when they are in your pharmacy, why should you lose control when they leave it?  With Outdate Rx you can have on-site and off-site reports.  Reconciled and delivered electronically to you.  This data is also available to sync with your inventory system.  Take full control of your pharmacy with Outdate Rx.